The Threat of a Nationwide Lifeguard Shortage Looms

Will this potential nationwide Lifeguard Shortage subside?

by Mike Rogers, Lifeguard Times

lifeguard shortage

In recent years, the availability of qualified lifeguards has been diminishing, putting added pressure on already budget-strapped municipalities and other agencies. Numerous articles and press releases over the last few years have brought much needed attention to this growing problem.

“Lifeguards Wanted” job postings are increasing. Hardest hit areas seem to be the Midwest and the Great Lakes Region. The main cause of the current lifeguard shortage may at least partially be attributed to the lack of interest in the job itself and the initial investment of time and money involved in becoming a lifeguard.

Lifeguard candidates must be able to pass one of the several certification courses required to do the job. This often involves many hours of training and a high level of physical fitness. Course class and book fees are also involved. Some facilities have begun to cover the costs of coursework for a subsequent job commitment.

Will this potential nationwide #LifeguardShortage subside? Will aquatic facility patrons be put at risk due to a lack of qualified lifeguards? Only time will tell, but facility operators are correct to be concerned. Proactive measures to recruit qualified lifeguards and public awareness of the problem seem to be the current course of action.

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