Shark Attacks 2 Off New York Beach!

Shark Attacks 2 On Same Day Off New York Beach, Authorities Believe!

A 13-year-old boy and 12-year-old girl were both reportedly bitten by a shark off the New York coastline near the Town of Islip today.

The incidences occurred just before Noon Eastern Time just over 4 miles apart. Both victims had deep lacerations resembling a bite from a large fish and Lifeguards reportedly removed what appeared to be a shark tooth from the boy. When shark bites occur they are typically an error by a shark that mistakes a swimmer as its usual prey. This occurs most often in discolored heated ocean water. Kevin McCarthy, a Lifeguard Instructor in Washington State and Founder of SKWIM™ International, a Lifesaving & Water Safety certification agency, advises swimmers to avoid entering the ocean during dawn or dusk, which are typical shark feeding times, and to seek immediate medical treatment if and when a believed shark attack has taken place. Also, He advises swimmers to always wear swim fins when in open water for the following reasons: 1. Your motions are smoother and not creating excessive splashing which can draw shark attention. 2. You can swim much faster in the water. 3. Fins provide some foot protection from hazardous marine life. 4. If you are injured, fins will provide swimmers with enhanced mobility to get to help.

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