Lifeguard News – Peril in the Pool

Lifeguard News – Peril in the Pool

The decision to be a lifeguard comes with a risk that is not equitable to the hourly wages the lifeguard gets. For most people, who show up to work, perhaps their greatest work concern is getting fired. For lifeguards, it’s drowning!

It is important to note that regardless of how much experience you have with swimming, there is always a chance that you could drown – and a lifeguard is no exception to this. This, by extension, means that for every time that hawk-eyed man or woman clad in red and white braves the odds and goes to rescue a drowning person, they are selflessly putting their life on the line.

While most of their rescues may never make it to the front page of the biggest blogs or newspapers, here on Lifeguard Times, we are committed to ensuring that these selfless and heroic acts never go unnoticed.

This week’s news features rescues at:

A pool in Southend
Port Macquarie pool
Northcliff Beach
A wellbeing center

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Lifeguard and Firefighters rescue woman from Southend pool

Lifeguard Limelight Drowning

It took the quick-thinking of a lifeguard and subsequently firefighters at a Southend pool to rescue a woman who had a seizure while swimming in the Shoebury High School pool. The victim, while swimming, suddenly had a seizure which caused her to hit the side of the pool and turn face down.

The lifeguard managed to keep the woman afloat but struggled to get her out of the pool. Firefighters were called to the scene and the woman was lifted out of the water safely.

Unconscious toddler rescued from Port Macquarie pool

A three-year-old girl was pulled unconscious from the toddler end of the Port Macquarie Pool where some 13 children were having a party on Saturday, November 11, 2017. The father of the child said they had only been at the pool for 10 minutes when the incident which he described as “in a matter of ten seconds” occurred.

Thankfully, lifeguards were on the scene to perform CPR and revive the little girl.

Recounting the ordeal, the girl’s father said his three-year-old was ‘back to her normal, happy self within 30 minutes.

Water Park


Man rescued from Gold Coast Beach, Northcliff

Lifeguard Times June News Rescue Savers

A 25-year-old swimmer had to be taken to the hospital after lifeguards at a Gold Coast beach rescued him from drowning on Tuesday, November 6, 2017.

The man who was reportedly swimming at the Northcliff Beach encountered water troubles around 11 am and it took the vigilance Gold Coast City Council lifeguards to notice the man getting dumped in the water a couple of times at the shore break.

Although the man did not lose consciousness while struggling, he took in a lot of water before lifeguards helped him onto the shore.

He was then stabilized by the lifeguards and taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

10-year-old pulled from Kingstanding pool by a quick-thinking lifeguard

It took the quick-thinking of a lifeguard at Kingstanding swimming baths to rescue a 10-year-old boy amid what is now described as “concerns for his wellbeing”.

This incident occurred on Tuesday, November 7.

The lifeguard jumped into the pool, rescued the school pupil and placed him in recovery position at the side of the pool.

Recounting the incident, Chris Robins, Kingstanding Wellbeing Centre manager said: “Due to the swift action of the lifeguards and the support of all the center staff in responding quickly, the incident was dealt with effectively to ensure the safety of the young man”

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