Is Lifeguarding A Young Person’s Job?



Lifeguards all over the world have an eclectic age range, from having just graduated high school to being seasoned professionals for 30+ years.

With the ever present lifeguard shortage gripping the nation, it seems as if it is hard to find those who are interested in the lifeguarding profession.

As many older lifeguards begin to retire, it is difficult to find replacements on such a short notice.

Cities all over the world have began offering services such as free lifeguard training and increased pay for lifeguards to help reel in potential applicants.

It is likely that more young people are willing to try out to become lifeguards than older men and women, even though older lifeguards are just as capable if not more capable than lifeguard youth.

Men and women who are seasoned in the lifeguard profession may be more fit to watch over our beaches and aquatic facilities.

Older lifeguards are much more keen to certified life saving techniques as well as years of experience under their belt.

If an emergency were to occur, young lifeguards may have an advantage over older lifeguards due to their quicker reflexes.

It is also possible that younger lifeguards may not have trained their minds to stay as focused as an older lifeguard.

Would you rather have an older or a younger lifeguard watching over you?

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