International SKWIM™ Association Introduces the Game of SKWIM™!

Hi everybody, this Kevin McCarthy for SKWIM ™ USA. Have you seen the SKWIM ™ disk yet? This is a new implement for a brand new water game, which is called SKWIM ™.

The disc is made of a soft foam flexible rubber. As you can see, it’s quite flexible. Passing the disk is really fun, and really easy. The classic SKWIM ™ grip is a 2 fingered grip. With 2 fingers on the top of the disk, just like that. With your thumb underneath, 2 fingers on top. Middle finger and index finger in the outside groove, just like that. If you’re left handed, same thing. The left hand goes on the left side of the disk, fingers in the groove on the top, thumb underneath.

In this grip, you can pass back handed, like this. Forehand, you turn and pass this way. And then an overhand pass would be right over the top of your head, just like this. Passing the disk is really easy. It slides on the water. This is the running surface of the disk that slides on the surface of the water. These are the side rails. You can see that they’re curved. They allow the disk to ride up and over waves, and to move well through wind.

SKWIM ™ is for everybody. SKWIM ™ is for everybody in your family, everybody in your community. All your friends at school. It’s for children, it’s for teens. It’s for young, athletic adults. Not so athletic adults. SKWIM™ is great for seniors. It’s a soft, flexible disk – easy to pass on the water.

For swimming coaches, competitive swimming. Whether you’re a coach, whether you’re an athlete. Whether you’re an administrator. SKWIM ™ is a great way to finish out your swimming events or your swimming tournament with a great team game – interactive fun, exciting, fast game. For both teams to come together, to build camaraderie, build team play, and have a great time together. Very fast game, lot of fun.


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