The Importance of Strengthening Your Core

Being a lifeguard represents your physical resolve, and having a strong core is the foundation to a healthy and fit body.


Building a powerful core is essential as a lifeguard, for all movement originates from your center and extends to the rest of your body. Muscles that are associated with the core are contained within your mid-section, abdominal muscles, pelvic and lower-mid back. The core is where all of your power is accessed and is utilized in every day activities – even simple actions such as walking draws from the core!

Introductory exercises to help strengthen your core are as simple as crunches and sit-ups. These familiar exercises are considered an essential staple to any workout. Keep in mind that scheduling for consistency in your regiment plays an important part in seeing results over an extended period of time.

Being a lifeguard represents your physical resolve. Having the ability to snap into action at a moment’s notice doesn’t come without intensive training. Your body’s stability and balance is born from the strength of your core. Here are a few examples of simple yoga poses that will help build your core:

The Importance of Strengthening Your Core1. Cat-Cow

Cat-Cow is a position that improves flexibility and help strengthens your center. While placing your hands directly underneath shoulders and keeping your knees flat against the ground, you start by staring at the floor while in a neutral table-top position. Raise head to meet tail while curving your center. Breathe in, then arch your mid-section into a C-shape while your head & tail bend down towards the mat and the floor. This is a gentle way to warm up and start the beginning of your exercise.

2. Plank

Plank can be performed one of two ways. The pose is essentially holding a push-up with your hands spread on the ground before you, palms directly underneath shoulders, and your thumbs facing each other. Your hands should be parallel with your shoulders. Alternatively, can choose to use your forearms to support your body.

3. Boat Pose

Balancing on your tailbone and extending your legs out into a v-shape while bringing your torso forward and forming an acute angle with your body while keeping your stomach flat. You straighten your arms, holding the position for up to a minute while lifting from the quads.

When building your core, it’s important to practice your exercises and techniques with safety in mind. The most important element to keep in mind when incorporating any new exercise to your fitness regiment is the warm up and cool down portion. Being mindful of the appropriate safety precautions helps build the foundation for your fitness.

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