Ian,Johnson,BiographyIan Johnson – Lifeguard & Cartoonist

Ian Johnson has been drawing cartoons for as long as he can remember.  He began drawing stories on “post-it” notes when he was about five, delighting in the discovery that peeling each “post-it” note off and lining it up, created instant cartoon panels!  Over the years, Ian progressed from ball point pens to India ink while his characters advanced from doodles to jumping off the page.

“Suits and Guarders” is the culmination of his cartooning skills with his love of swimming and ultimately his work as a lifeguard. “Write what you know” is true in this case: Whenever he found a humorous situation at work, he would write dialogue and think of how funny it would be in a cartoon.  Over time, the characters began to develop and come to life.  All are composites of co-workers, former swim coaches, supervisors and other special people in his life.  Any resemblance of characters in this work to persons, drawn or imagined, is purely coincidental.

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