5 Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy For Lifeguards

Healthy alternatives for Halloween candy that adults and children will love!


By Cody George, Lifeguard Times.

Whether you have children or are just indulging on your own, one of the most tempting parts of the Halloween season is the candy. With packages of sugary treats lining the shelves of every supermarket and corner store, it’s hard to resist the urge to buy a bag or three.

For the festivities on Halloween, it’s easy to fill a bowl full of sweets and forget about it until you hear a knock at the door. Below, we discuss five healthy alternatives to Halloween candy that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

What should I eat instead?

Instead of treats loaded with high amounts of sugar, try a plastic baggy full of trail mix containing delicious and nutritious foods such as almonds, dried banana chips, granola, dark chocolate pieces and toasted pumpkin seeds. All of these ingredients work together to maintain a healthy body – especially for health conscious lifeguards who are always on the go!


Almonds are naturally sweet and are loaded with protein and zinc, both of which are important for a growing and/or active body. These tasty nuts are proven to help lower cholesterol with healthy fats contained in the almond itself.

Dried banana chips:

Adding dried or baked banana chips to your trail mix will add a note of sweetness to the snack. Bananas contain a natural mood enhancing chemical called tryptophan. This addition is also a good cache of B-Vitamins, potassium and natural antacids which aid in digestion.


Something else to consider would be implementing a hand full of granola to the mix, as granola contains very high amounts of fiber and Vitamin E. Granola has beneficial fatty acids that aid in proper brain function and can help prevent heart disease.

Dark chocolate:

For the chocolate lovers, you can incorporate pieces of dark chocolate to the trail mix and revel in the salty-sweet combination that will have your taste buds thanking you! Dark chocolate is an organic anti-inflammatory and is proven to be a heart healthy treat. This sweet treat is loaded with anti-oxidants as well, a key factor in fighting the aging process!


Pumpkin seeds:

The perennial flavor for the Halloween season would have to be pumpkin. With the growing popularity of pumpkin spice flavored drinks and sweets, it’s easy to forget that pumpkin actually has some surprising health benefits as well!

When toasted, pumpkin seeds are considered a tasty and healthy alternative to Halloween candy. Eating the seed whole, shell included, is the only way to reap the benefits of this little health powerhouse.

Pumpkin seeds contain high amounts of magnesium – an excellent mineral that aids in skin and brain health. This seed contains a considerable amount of zinc as well. Zinc is an often under-looked mineral that helps individuals sleep easier and stay asleep longer, which in turn may help their mood by re-supplying serotonin deposits.

Try it out!

This trail mix recipe is not only healthy, but it is delicious as well! Even if it’s not the Halloween season, these ingredients are easy to find and can always serve as a quick and filling snack while on the job as a lifeguard.

Many of the ingredients above are quick and tasty ways to restore energy and as well as help keep your mind alert while on your post. Try the recipe out! It’s sure to be enjoyed by children and adults alike!

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